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Each of us is said to have a double. There is a whole theory according to which each person has 7 lookalikes, but they are all scattered in space and time in such a way that the probability of their meeting is very small. It is quite possible that somewhere on our planet your ideal copy with the same eyes, nose, and that annoying mole that you have long dreamed of removing, lives. The idea of ​​the existence of doubles (or, as they are also called, doppelgangers) has captured the imagination of people since ancient times: inspiring and at the same time frightening, it became the theme of first legends, and then famous literary works of such writers as Edgar Poe ("William Wilson"), Fyodor Dostoevsky (novel "The Double"), Chuck Palahniuk ("Fight Club"). And although what the novelists represented under the doppelganger differs from the modern one, it nevertheless proves the undoubted relevance of the topic.

Do doubles really exist?

There are more than seven billion people living in the world, and therefore it is not surprising that at least one of them will have the same face as yours? Quite a simple question, but its consequences are quite serious, and the answer is much more complicated than you might imagine. In fact, until recently, no one even tried to find out this issue. Until in 2015, scientist Tegan Lucas from the University of Adelaide in Australia decided to investigate the risk of mistakenly punishing an innocent lookalike instead of a real killer. With the help of her university colleagues, Lucas analyzed more than 4,000 open source photographs of American military personnel. The researcher carefully examined the facial features, measuring the distance between the eyes and ears. And then calculations were made of the likelihood that the faces of two people will be the same. The findings turned out to be good news for the justice system, but undeniably disappointing for anyone looking to find their twins. The probability that two people will have eight exactly the same facial parameters is less than one in a trillion.

Even if individual facial features may differ, their combination, general arrangement relative to each other creates a strange feeling of similarity.

However, do not rush to be disappointed! This is not the end of the story. The study was based on very precise measurements: if the ears of one person are 59 mm long, and another visually similar to him is 60, the similarity is not taken into account. Now think, when did two people seem similar to you just because of the size of their ears?

What is a "doppelganger"?

When we say that two people are alike, this is the result of a common impression, the sum of all the details. If you look at people separately, they seem to be clones of each other, but if you put them side by side and look closely at them in detail, they no longer seem so similar. If don’t take into account precise details of the human body, the likelihood of finding your twin becomes much higher. So, doubles - outwardly people are similar to each other. This does not mean that the appearance of these people is 100% identical. However, their facial features are similar.

How to find your double?

Recently, a new site has been developed for finding their counterparts - Twinaway. The main purpose of the portal is to find a double. The developers of the resource offer to upload your photo or indicate to Instagram the nickname of the person whose doubles you want to find, and they promise quick and accurate results. After that, the system displays a list of Instagram profiles in which photos with people similar to the user were found. You can choose among the proposed faces of your twin and, if you wish, contact him on Instagram. According to the Twinaway website, there are hundreds of millions of photos and Instagram profiles in the database of this resource, so the likelihood that you will be able to find a double online is quite high. Therefore, if you have ever asked yourself or tried to find on the Internet where you can find your twin, the Twinaway portal may well answer this question.

What is Twinaway and how does it work?

Have you ever been told that you look like a celebrity? We can assume that this is so with 90% probability. But did you really find yourself like the already mentioned famous person? Unlikely. Other people more than once compare us with people supposedly similar, while it seems absurd to us. Sometimes it seems to us that some person looks “identical”, but our friends refute this, saying that it is not at all true. And who should you believe? Naturally, proven technologies for determining the similarity of facial features of people. This is exactly what Twinaway, a twin-finding site, specializes in. The peculiarity is that, unlike other similar sites, we collect our database not from the photos of people uploaded to us who want to find their counterparts, but based on photos from Instagram profiles. This has a significant impact on the quality of the result, because the more photos of different people there are, the higher the likelihood of finding someone who really looks like you. Our database consists of 2M+ Instagram photos taken from 500K+ Instagram profiles.

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